Friday, September 25, 2009

Performance Review Complete!

Writing this post is my reward for getting my performance review for work completed! Let's do a little happy dance together!

I have not been employed for over 10 years and I've never had to fill out a performance review. When I saw the emails circulating at work re: the reviews I thought I would have to fill out a 90 day questionnaire and not have to fill out the ominous review. On Tuesday my supervisor let me know that I had been hired two weeks earlier than the 90 day deadline and that I did indeed have to fill out the review. I cried...really. Not on the phone with her. I waited until I got in the car and called my husband. BTW, rush hour and crying to your husband don't mix well. I didn't get in any accidents, but I probably didn't make any friends on the road either.

I then got to my parent's house to pick up my girls and proceeded to cry to my Mom...then a few minutes later to my Dad. After three good cries I was ready to drive home dry-eyed. :)

For four days I have been dreading that document. I have so many responsibilities over the next four days and I just felt overwhelmed. Mark suggested writing the review and trying to get it done today so Saturday I could focus, stress-free, on the other things I had to do. I left the girls with Mark and took Rhett to piano at 1:30pm. I sat in the car for a half hour and made some headway on my writing. By the time Rhett came out of his lesson I felt empowered and ready to conquer. We ran a few errands and then came home.

When I walked in the door Mark asked how it had gone and I said, "Good. The complete silence really let me think and I got a lot done." We then discussed whether I could go to a coffee shop or the library to write some more. I said they would be too distracting. Mark suggested going back out and sitting in the our parking space right in front of our townhouse. I thought that was a great AND crazy idea, grabbed my water and a candy bar (consolation) and went and sat in my car until 6:40pm, when I was finally done with the whole thing! Yay!

I then came in, watched the Food Network while Mark heated up leftovers (gotta love that guy!) and we ate dinner. After dinner I typed and edited and NOW I'm finally done. It's all been sent off to my manager and I don't have to give it any more thought!

I will sleep good tonight!

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you. So sorry it was stressful for you. But, I will say, as simple as the 90 day looked, it was just as complex as you would have needed to site examples under each section. Gotta love review time. Thanks for your hard work on it.