Friday, February 27, 2009

What a cake!

(A creation of Katie's)

At a recent Valentine's party they had a playdough table. (By the way, what a great idea! They also had a bingo table and Legos on a sheet on the floor - these three stations were big hits!) I was having a hard time tearing my two girls away from the playdough. (Maybe because it's so rarely seen at my house!) I sat down and chatted with other moms and the girls kept coming to get me to see their creations. The one above deserved a picture for posterity! Wow, what a cake! I wonder if she's been watching too many Food Network cooking shows? Is that even possible?! Nah! I'm not sure if that's a dinosaur with a dismembered head...might be. He's got lots of love around him though. I'll have to get back to you on that one!

Update: Checked with the cook and she has one demented mommy! She said it was a heart cake (duh, Valentine's Day, Mom!). The tall thing sticking up in the back that I thought was a neck was a birthday candle. The smiley face up front has a birthday candle on his head too. The back left of the cake I thought looked like a dinosaur leg...she said it was hearts with beads around it. Quite the decorator, Katie! Good job! Mom, you should check with the cook before you START blogging!

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