Monday, October 13, 2014

A Lifetime Ago

Wow, since the last post in May I feel like we've crammed a whole lifetime into the past few months. We've had multiple hospitalizations for family members, a BIG move to Charlotte, NC, a change in everything for us - house, jobs, church, friends, homeschool groups, a grandmother who moved into our home, and a college son who returned home.  I mentioned to a friend that I didn't know if I would continue to blog because I still felt a little numb from all the changes and yet, I also didn't want to rehash any of it. You know what I mean? You just want to keep moving in a forward direction!

There are two women in my life, a sweet sister-in-law and a dear friend who moved to another country, who have enjoyed reading my blog and so, for them, I'm back.  There's sadness in thinking about not sharing our farm life with you anymore. There was always an adventure to be had, but we followed the Lord's leading and He is giving us new adventures!

Our first Sunday in Charlotte we hit a local BBQ joint and I knew we were truly in the south when I saw the beverages of choice. Too bad I don't like tea! The BBQ was delicious, but we haven't quite gotten used to the sweet tea choices available to us everywhere.

We were very excited when we stumbled upon Steak-N-Shake!  We used to frequent the eatery with my grandmother when we would return to Illinois for a visit. When you just need a greasy burger or a creamy milkshake, Steak-N-Shake fits the bill!

The girls have found ways to enjoy their new house - forts on the stairs!

We spent a semi-drizzly day at Mrytle Beach - our first time, but not our last!

A little rain didn't stop us!

However, our craziest adventure was when we dressed up for Pirate's Day at Krispie Kreme!

We purchased a Duck Dynasty beard for Rhett (he walked through Walmart like that!), and although we didn't sport long beards, we did our part. (even Grandma!)

It was worth it; we took 5 dozen doughnuts home - for free!
(The college class at church finished them off for us.)

Life is starting to take on a routine. 
It's all different, but we're doing our best to embrace new friends, new places and new opportunities!

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Brenda said...

It looks like I have some catching up to do. Amazing the things that can transpire in a years my case, a year's absence from blogging. I'm gonna give my another go as well.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving.