Monday, September 17, 2012

Hoof In Mouth Disease

There are times, especially when I am tired, that the filter on what I say is well, ... short-circuiting.

My son was away for the weekend and today at lunch I caught him up on all that he had missed, including my latest faux pas.

In the span of four days I ended up telling a 6th grader in a class I'm teaching that her mother had lost a baby (many years ago). In the conversation I mentioned how sad it was when that happened. She looked confused and I realized that she had no idea her mom had ever lost a child. Wow.

Then last night I met a woman who will be serving as one of my volunteers at church. I asked her where I had seen her before and she mentioned that we had met on a Sunday morning and that I had gotten her husband confused with a man whose picture is on a camera that was lost at church. We were trying to locate the camera owner. I then mention that I remembered the man on the camera and her husband's face because they looked like my first fiancee. Yes, I said that to a woman I had just met. Seriously, I need a psych evaluation!

Those who know and love me know that I am all sweet and gooshy inside and that I would be mortified by hurting someone with my words (excluding close family...there might be some intention every once in a while).  A part of what makes people laugh at with me, is that I get myself into these sticky situations innocently and then in a panic to rectify the situation, I usually snowball them to an even greater degree. Think Michael Scott. How it pains me to think there is a bit of Michael Scott within.

Somehow I will have to mend a friendship with a big 'ole apology for telling about a miscarriage and over time, hopefully, convince my volunteer that I'm not creepy and that I'm not thinking her husband reminds me of a lost love every time I see them. Oi Vey!

By the way, Michael Scott looks like my first fiancee too.


gail said...

I call it "foot in mouth disease!" Hate it when that happens!

Angie said...

Just making a pun on the typical "foot in mouth disease." Hoof seems appropriate for a farm girl. :)

mare ball said...

It's hard to take those things back once they're out. I've wished I could take back my words MANY times!

Conny said...

Re-read this and remembered a comment my friend said she made at her friend's funeral very recently and was MORTIFIED until she remembered her friend probably would have laughted hysterically at the comment which was:

" would just DIE if she knew about that!!!" ... Oh my!! :-O

Anyway, I've made the blog move!!!! I'm now at

Hope you'll come by!! I've missed blogging so much already!

Conny said...

ok, just read your comment to my "About Me" page - you are my new "kindred spirit"! :)

Brenda said...

I'm sorry, but all I can do is laugh...unfortunately at your expense. Hope things 'mend' well for you.