Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Love Country Life

Early morning view. Can you see the moon?
I love the peace and quiet of country life.

I love the slower pace, the dreaming, the ease.

I love the mist in the morning over the pastures and I smile when I hear the roosters crow.

I love the crunch of tires on gravel - someone is here to see us!

I love sleeping under a quilt in a cold farmhouse bedroom.

I love porches and barn doors and crickets in the garage.

I love hearing the neighbor's far-away voice and watch the horses gallop home.

I love a warm crockpot meal after a long day's work.

I love to gaze at the starry night sky.

I love that the farm inspires.

I love country life.

Little while later...dawning of a new day.


Joyce said...

While we don't live on a farm we are surrounded by them. I love country life too. Pretty pictures!

Sweet Tea said...

I live in the burbs, but my heart is in the country.